Pathfinder Investigations

 AZ PI Lic 1003700


Tim Young

Pathfinder Investigations is owned and 

operated by private investigator Tim

Young. Hailing from Texas he eventually

found his home in Arizona. "Always

fascinated with the chase," Mr. Young has 

been in the business of finding people for

over twenty years. He has used his skills 

to put "unfindable" witnesses on the stand,

place con men behind bars, and reunited

missing children with their parents. In

addition to investigations, Tim has made an

award winning documentary "Good Riddance

about one of his more infamous cases involving the disappearance and murder of Madalyn Murray O'Hair

"The Most Hated Woman in America". Tim has appeared on; Disappeared, America's Most Wanted,

American Justice, Nightline, City Confidential and Vanished.