Pathfinder Investigations

Larry W Mueller

Private Investigator, Houston, TX

I have worked with Tim Young for over 20 years. He is a valued and trusted colleague who has assisted me in thousands of difficult assignments to locate individuals who are purposely hiding. I will continue to work with Mr. Young and have him help me for many years to come. He is the best asset you can have when you're looking for a missing person.

 AZ PI Lic 1003700

Edmond J Martin

CFE, Retired IRS CID Special Agent, Owner Sage Investigations

I have worked with Tim Young for over 10 years. He is a very trustworthy, skillful, methodical, and dedicated private investigator. I believe he has a very special gift which allows him to find people outside of the typical internet database lookup. He has an old fashion gift of gab that allows him to ingratiate himself with people which makes them open up and speak to him. I will continue to partner with Tim on my cases and it would be wise for others to work with him as well.

Lordes Colon


To keep herself busy, my 17 year old daughter started "Chatting" on myspace. She started to talk to this guy who in a very, very short time convinced her he was her night in shining armor. He knew exactly how to work on her (groom her). The man had sent her a pre-paid cell phone without my knowledge. They would talk secretly until he convinced her to leave our home and run away with him. I was shocked and immediately called the police and made a report. I also informed the police of her recent activity on myspace. They seemed to brush that off and really had no concern in finding her. I was frustrated to say the least! Luckily I got in contact with a private investigator named Tim Young. By this time my daughter had been missing for 7 days. I then gave Tim the exact information I had given the police and within a few hours he called me and told me he found my daughter! That was an amazing feat and an incredible relief of emotions for me. Very soon after my daughter was recovered- relatively unharmed. Tim found her with a 35 year old conman who had groomed her on myspace. (His webpage was totally bogus by the way.) The police didn't listen to me but Tim did, and I am forever great full for that.



John MacCormack

Reporter, San Antonio Express News

As a Texas Newspaper reporter who spent three years investigating the 1995 disappearance of famed Atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair, I can say with certainty the case would not have been solved without Tim Young. He and I worked closely together for 19 months, and identified the men who kidnapped and murdered the O'Hair family, long before local or federal authorities had a clue. Ultimately, two ex-cons were charged and convicted of the crimes. In sum, Tim is a tenacious, creative and savvy investigator.